Cross-border association launches new marketing initiative


Cross-border Association of Zimbabwe at the weekend launched a Cross-border Mobile Free Market at Baghdad Stadium in Kwekwe.

The event was attended by over 7 000 people.
The mobile free market innitiative is an innovative way of marketing goods and services and musicians would be invited to areas where cross-border members would be selling their wares so customers get entertained.

“We want to prove that it is possible to use musicians to attract customers to buy goods even during the night,” said the president of the association Killer Zivhu.

Zivhu, who officially launched the project, told the gathering the idea behind the project was to empower cross-border traders and all other members of society taking part.

“As part of our empowerment plan with other stakeholders including the government, this unique project is meant to give an opportunity to all cross-border traders around the country to showcase their goods in mass event without any constraints,” Zivhu said.

The association said it was worrisome to note the local market was being threatened by foreigners like Nigerians and Chinese who were well capitalised and making it difficult for locals to compete.

By introducing the mobile free market the association said it aimed to capture customers throughout the country by inviting them to areas where all cross –border traders would be selling their wares from morning and throughout the night.

Some of the musicians that preformed included Fungisai, Sulumani Chimbetu and Kudzi Nyakudya.