Colour black, make-up


Not-so-basic black has become an intriguing component of fashion.

Ensembles in black, including, cocktail dresses, evening gowns, business suits, jeans and jacket, and lingerie ensembles transform to visions of beauty, models of mystery, looks of professionalism, impressions of comfort, and images of romance.

Black isn’t back, it’s simply here to stay!
Black, the richer version of basic, can provide a chic look with a hint of everything from romance to business.

It’s modest appeal of the past has undergone a transformation into a fascinating presence of must have.

Although a newer fashion trend may make its appearance in the stores every season, one of everybody’s favourites, black, is always there to dazzle the onlooker.

Tips for wearing black:

Avoid 100% cotton – Cotton tends to fade as time passes. In addition to holding the dye longer and more completely with a higher luster, cotton with Lycra or mercerized cotton has greater strength and shrinks less.

Prefer wool blends – Wool fabrics create deeper and richer blacks. Since wool retains dyes better and longer, fading is less of a problem. Suits, skirts, and sweaters look exceptionally classy in woolen fabrics, and will last for years.

Toss faded clothing immediately—Clothing that has faded simply does not blend as well. Rather than risk looking tacky, toss the item and replace it with something exciting.

Match completely —Black clothing often presents a cast or shine of a different colour, for example, purple, green, or brown. Therefore, you should take the time to match your clothing carefully when creating an all black outfit.

Minimise fading – Dark colours, especially black, should always be laundered in cold water to minimise fading.

When washing an article of clothing for the first time, you can add a cup of vinegar to help set the dye. Dry cleaning, also, takes less of a toll on the dye and will help to keep your clothes looking fresh longer.

Maximise appeal – Wearing black can create a sleek and mysterious vision, or it can create a picture that says too many words. Maintain the care of your outfits carefully. Avoid the build- up of lint of all kinds through carefully laundering and matching up of your outfits.

Accessorise to add a heightened look of elegance – Glitz and glitter add an air of excitement, so add a few unique pieces of jewellery, a snazzy purse, or stylish shoes to top off the perfect outfit.

Personalise to create a unique statement – Select a style that suits your physique and personality. Make it your own with a few simple modifications. Personalise your outfit with jewelry, layering, and other accessories.

Whatever reason we may have for wearing make-up, the most important thing to remember is that we should keep our make-up as naturally looking as possible and that we should wear make-up that suits our age.

Until next week, stay fabulous