Church leaders must respect congregants


Church leaders must abide by the laws of the Bible and not take advantages of people, draining their hard-earned money and taking churches as battlefields and institutions to forward their political interests.

Even in the Bible it is very clear that leaders are there to lead and must lead by example because everyone is fighting for a place in heaven — including the church leaders.

The recent Kunonga saga is not healthy for Christians, especially Anglicans, who have suffered and are facing the consequences of a leadership wrangle within the church.

Students at Daramombe and the orphans at the children’s home in Murehwa were seriously affected after they were left shepherdless because teachers and nurses were evicted from the institution. This move affected students, especially those who are about to sit for their final exams which parents have already paid for.

It is very disturbing to hear that even elerly people were also affected by this leadership circus. Do such actions reflect Godliness and oneness?

It is very clear these days that breakaways from churches are as a result of money-related squabbles.
Many church leaders are now forming churches as a business, which is totally against the teachings of the Bible.

The recent actions by Bishop Nolbert Kunonga have shown some church leaders do not even understand the purpose of the church in the society and that some of them are breaking away from the mainstream churches principally in a quest for material wealth.

Even in the Bible, the disciples were told to go and enlighten the world, not to go and form their own churches, making money out of them and evicting people if they failed to abide by their laws.
So there might be more questions than answers about the actions taken by the so-called Kunonga faction of the Anglican Church.

The role of the Church in the society is to intercede through leaders who plead on behalf of people and the nation at large.

Though the High Court has ruled in favour of Kunonga, he was supposed to respect the rights of people and those who were employed at these institutions rather than evicting them.

His actions are violating the rights of the people, including the right of students to education.

These moves are not acceptable according to Christian values and it must be clear that church leaders must not be inclined towards any political parties because that might cause mayhem.

Church leaders must intercede on behalf of the nation and the leaders of the country despite their political background, like the prophets Amos and Hosiah did in their time.

The people must not be easily carried away by breakaway churches, but must focus on how to pray and appease God.

They should pray for the country which is plagued by chronic water shortages and endemic corruption.
Citizens have the right to sue those who violate their freedoms because it is an embarrassment to evict teachers and nurses.

The government must introduce a system whereby teachers are deployed to mission schools without necessarily having to consult responsible authorities, a move which might not affect the day-to-day running of school because children have the right to be educated and not be affected by leadership struggles.

Even if they bring in new staff, it will by no means affect the students, especially those who are about to sit for their final exams, who will take time to adapt to the new staff, who might come singing a different tune.

Church leaders must focus on how to convert heathens to turn to God. Let the church play its role and let it not be used to make money and to violate people’s rights.