Tsuro attempted murder trial opens


The trial of Chitungwiza Registrar-General’s Office marriage officer Gorden Tsuro, who is being charged with the attempted murder of his wife, Rosemary Charlie, started on Wednesday at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts.

Tsuro’s lawyer, Norman Mugiya, accused the State of tampering with court papers. Mugiya applied for an exception to the charge after challenging the State to produce the original Chitungwiza court record.

“The accused believes firmly that the record on which he was placed on remand was or could have been cancelled or destroyed in order to defeat the proper administration of justice,” said Mugiya.

He argued it was improper for the State to proceed to charge Tsuro with attempted murder when the lesser charge of domestic violence had not been withdrawn.

“It is trite law that an accused person cannot face two charges on one set of facts and circumstances and on two different records of proceedings,” the lawyer argued.

“The accused (Tsuro) will challenge the State to request the production of record number CRB 551/11 Chitungwiza Magistrate Court or R79/11 Chitungwiza Regional Magistrate Court on which the accused was placed on remand,” added Mugiya.

The trial however proceeded after regional magistrate, William Bhila indicated he would make a ruling on the lawyer’s exception application later.

In his defence, Tsuro denied ever attacking his wife with an axe handle on the day in question.

He told the court his wife was dropped off by her extra-marital lover by the name Ropi at or near the gate to their matrimonial home in Chitungwiza at around 7pm.

Tsuro said he attempted to confront the said Ropi but he sped off in his car. Later that night he had a heated argument with Charlie. Tsuro said during the argument Charlie told him he was “sexually useless” and that Ropi, her lover, was a real man whom she preferred than “a man who was merely there to eat.”

He again told the court Charlie hit him with a knobkerrie and while trying to disarm her, Tsuro pushed her against the dressing table and as she fell she hit against the bed base and lay flat on the floor.

But when Charlie took to the witness stand she insisted Tsuro attacked her with an axe and later an axe handle all over her body after she refused to make available to him documents of a house she was constructing.

She denied having an affair with Ropi whom she said was merely her workmate. The matter continues on October 11.

Obi Mabahwana appeared for the State.