Luphahla appointed Caps assistant


Former Warriors speedy winger Joel Luphahla has been appointed Caps United assistant coach.

The former Highlanders player, who has also played in Cyprus, will be second assistant to coach Lloyd Chitembwe.

Kennedy Nagoli is the first assistant coach at the club.

Caps United chief executive officer Maxwell Mironga on Tuesday confirmed the developments at Caps United.

“We have introduced a programme at Caps United where we intend to groom our own players into coaching positions. Nagoli will remain as the active assistant coach, but Luphahla will be there to assist in any way possible and also learn in the process.

Even in Europe, big clubs have the same system where players who are reaching the peak of their careers are introduced to these coaching courses, Paul Scholes of Manchester United is one player in mind.

“That is what we want to introduce at the club. We want to groom players whom we think are getting to the end of their career, but have good leadership qualities.

“Luphahla has shown characteristics of a good leader since he joined the club; he is very responsible and level headed. He is a good leader who has played at the highest levels in Europe and for the national team, so we thought we should groom him within the system. He has seen it all,” added Mironga.