Queen Vanessa releases second music video


Multi-talented Zimbabwean model, musician, dancer and songwriter, Vanessa Sibanda (Queen Vanessa) has gone international by releasing a top class music video for the track, Do Me.

Queen Vanessa said the three-minute long track was about urging people to mind their own business.

“Whenever you are on your way to the top, there are always elements that are destructive that will try to get in the way to make you lose your focus. On the track, I will be encouraging people to be objective and focus on reaching their own goals. You do you I do me,” she said.

On the video one can easily mistake Vanessa for America’s Ciara since their dance moves are similar.

On other clips she looks like and Indian girl shaking her waist just like Shakira. Vanessa, a good dancer, also fused the video by using popular house music dances.

The high-budget music video which was recorded at Hush Bar Lounge in Johannesburg, South Africa, was directed by Zimbabwe’s dance-hall ambassador, Buffalo Souljah. It was recorded by Doctor Frank from Nigeria.

Her first video for the track, Hey Lover, was released earlier this year and is already receiving airplay on Channel O, MTV Base and other music channels.

The Do Me video is still to receive airplay from local and South African television programmes.

Meanwhile, another music video titled, You Should Never Leave which was shot on the same day as Do Me, is expected out this week.

The video features one of South Africa’s award-winning rappers Da LES, (real name Leslie Mampe). The video was also shot in South Africa at the Nelson Mandela Bridge.

Souljah said shooting two videos in one weekend was quite demanding.

“It was not easy shooting two videos in one weekend as it required so much energy. Besides the pressure the video came out as we expected,” he said.

He added that Queen Vanessa went all out in camera performances and proved that she was a dedicated artist who knew how to hold crowds.

Queen Vanessa’s album will not be launched anytime soon as the producers are working on releasing her music videos first.

So far, three of her singles, Hey Lover, Do Me and You Should Never Leave have been unveiled and are already receiving airplay with Power FM.