Fungisai ‘blesses’ Jazz 105


Gospel musician Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave, who was included in the Ladies in Jazz Festival programme at the eleventh hour, gave an impressive performance at Jazz 105 on Sunday night.

The three-day festival started on Friday and ended on Sunday. Revellers who had come to enjoy jazz tunes could not help but get into adoration with the gospel diva as she went through her dancing paces.

Before she got on stage, many people did not understand why the organisers of the show had decided to include her in the line-up, but after her performance, they wished more musicians of her genre had been included in the festival.

She performed her hit tracks including Ndosimuka Ndomutevera, Nguva Yekutenda, Kurarama Inyasha, ending with Makomborero. What made her performance different was the fusing of her beat with ragga rhythms on some of her tracks, a move which went down well with revellers.

One merrymaker went on stage immediately after Zavakavapano-Mashavave’s performance and said:

“This (her performance) was amazing. We are used to having secular musicians performing here, but today it has been turned into a divine-reverence venue.”

Her performance was powerful and ideal for a Sunday show since those who had not attended church that day ended up getting into devotion.

After her performance, Dudu Manhenga took to the stage and put on an equally good act.

Organiser of the festival Josh Hozheri said he had no regrets at inviting Zvakavapano-Mashavave to be part of the festival as she had had a great role to play.

“We invited Fungisai so that she could be part of the festival and collaborate with fellow female artists like Dudu and many others,” said Hozheri.

He added that in many parts of the world, it was a common trend to have non-jazz artists performing at jazz festival. Other jazz divas who performed were Kudzai Sevenzo, Edith WeUtonga and Diana Samkange.

Women were given a treat on Sunday as they entered the festival for free and were spoilt with Redds ciders.