Iyasa in no show


The energetic, drama filled and comical on-stage outfit, Iyasa, failed to turn up for the Midlands State University (MSU) Theatre Gala that was held on Thursday as a result of a misunderstanding over payment.

The award-winning group was billed to be the main act and was scheduled to engage in collaboration with the MSU Theatre Club.

Iyasa had not only drawn crowds from MSU, but also fans from around Gweru eager to witness this theatrical dance troupe strut the stage.

Not only was Iyasa expected to be the best package for the day, but the group has become source of motivation to students. Many schools around Gweru had gathered to participate at the gala.

Iyasa director Nkululeko Dube said there had been no deal to perform at MSU and blamed poor organisation of the event.

“I think those guys should tell you the truth about what really happened. They unofficially called our organisation without a clear and transparent representation of who their spokesperson was,” said Dube. “We told them that our charge for performing at the gala was $1 000, but surprisingly they had already used our brand name to market their show”.

“In that regard we promised to help if they deposited $300 for transport and logistics and we would perform for them for free.”

“However, this agreement was not met and they only called our offices late Wednesday night to tell us that they had deposited the money in our account, but that could not work since we had asked them to deposit the money earlier so we could plan”, said Dube.

However, a close sources had informed this reporter just before the beginning of the gala that Iyasa was not coming as there were outstanding issues between the group and MSU Theatre Club.

A source revealed that MSU Theatre club had failed to raise the $300 for Iyasa to perform and had only managed to deposit $100.

The theatre gala has over the years grown in popularity and has witnessed popular and emerging groups mainly from Bulawayo and Harare perform and conduct workshops.