Burn Mukwerekwere Burn on international tour


Theatre enthusiasts will be in for a treat in Edinburg, Scotland, Bush Fire Festival, Swaziland and Grahamstown Festival, South Africa, when Burn Mukwerekwere Burn, a play by developing arts project, written by Blessing Hungwe goes on an international tour next year.

The Burn Mukwerekwere Burn cast featuring writer Blessing Hungwe, Michael Kudakwashe, Patrick Tembo, Brezhnev Guvheya and Rumidzai Karize is scheduled to kick off their next year theatre season when they take to the stage in Scotland Bushfire festival, an event slated for May 25 and ending in June.

The play will from there proceed to South Africa where it is expected to astound the Grahamstown Festival in South Africa in June.

The cast will wrap up the tour with a three-week experience and run in Edinburgh Scotland.
This prestigious fete is arguably one of the best in international Theatre, opera, music, dance and visual arts event held every August in Scotland.

“We are very excited and can’t wait to dish out our play during this tour participating at different festivals,” said Blessing Hungwe.

“The play also premiered at Theatre in the Park with the intention of exposing the play to a new and wider audience after Hifa (Harare International Festival of the Arts), so we are going forward to a good run at these festivals.”

Burn Mukwerekwere Burn is about two young Zimbabweans, one Shona and another Ndebele, running away from home only to discover the harsh realities of living in the “rainbow nation” when South Africa erupts into xenophobic violence.

Finding shelter in the oddest of places, they are forced to examine their situation and reflect on their predicament as they try and journey to safety.

The two are forced to deal with their own tribalistic and xenophobic tendencies as representatives of Zimbabwe’s two major tribes.

Burn Mukwerekwere Burn offers a shrewd window into the soul of the “rainbow nation”.

The play director Giles Ramsay has had a high-profile career as an independent theatre director and producer both locally and internationally, and has been a regular contributor to Hifa in the past.