Our hearts are bleeding — MDC youths


The youth assembly of the MDC has said there was nothing to celebrate on the World Peace Day because their leaders were being incarcerated by the police.

Also known as the International Day of Peace is celebrated annually on September 21 and this year’s theme was “Make Your Voice Heard”.

In a statement, the youths from the Welshman Ncube-led party, said they joined the commemorations with hurt feelings.

“The MDC Bulawayo youth assembly joined the commemorations with a wounded heart, bleeding as we were mourning the incarceration of our leadership,” the youths said in a statement.

The MDC youth leaders who were arrested are chairman Jackson Lunga, national secretary for political education Andrew Nyathi, treasurer Sharlene Ndlovu, Mandlenkosi Sibanda, Siamatende Dick Munsaka, Clever Sibanda, Mthulisi Nkiwane, Lillian Moyo and Joseph Ndlovu.

The youths were arrested on Saturday for distributing flyers at or near the State House.

They were taken to court and denied bail. The MDC youth chapter said the ruling by the magistrate denying their comrades bail was a mockery of justice and amounted to sentencing their leadership without trial.

“The unwarranted and unjustified prolonged incarceration of our leadership is no different from the Gukurahundi repression,” read the statement.

“As the world celebrates World Peace Day, the MDC Bulawayo youth assembly would like to commit itself to a non-violent struggle until fair and just Zimbabwe is established.

“We do not carry guns and great artillery like angels of death, but we are convinced that our determination is mightier than a million weapons of war. Victory is certain,” they added.