Fashion labels to put Zim on the map


“Style, coolness, confidence” are words VeeySwagga (Valentine Chonyera) and BallaMaro (Simbarashe Marowa) use to describe their fashion label “Slick Swagg” targeted mainly at teenagers.

Slick Swagg was founded by Marowa in February this year “to keep Zimbabwean teens up to date with the new and cool clothing around the world, aiming at both male and female”.

This venture started with two business partners making T-shirts with designs exclusive to the label.
Most of the designs have been done by Marowa and other graphic designers.

The creativity in the two has contributed to diversity in clothing options for teens in the country, as the brand offers clothing, shoes, eyewear and watches.

“We want to put Zim on the map,” Chonyera said.

Walking around shopping centres and other leisure venues is like walking through the scene of a music video or browsing through the latest fashion magazines.

Zimbabwe’s young people have caught onto the latest trends and through creative designs from labels such as Slick Swagg, this something truly Zimbabwean will be added to the fashion scene.

Even though the label has started small, with marketers hired to go out and sell T-shirts and other merchandise, Chonyera said the label would soon be expanding.

Chonyera said they had managed to find a shop in one of the malls in Harare and would be operating from there early February next year.

Marowa and Chonyera are involved in other areas of business such as farm produce, stationery and fuel, but they have chosen to run Slick Swagg because of their passion for fashion and designing.

This is a common feature in many young people today. Nowadays young people have started creating their own jobs rather than looking for them.

The two entreprenuers also print and design corporate T-shirts, tracksuits and other sporting gear for schools.

At the end of the school term Slick Swagg hopes to run various promotions and as we refer back to “style, coolness, confidence”, Slick Swagg say “by believing this, we will help you get your swagg on through our clothing”.

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