Winky D popularises circumcision


Population Services International (PSI) on Monday hailed Wallace Chirumiko, aka Winky D, for his role in persuading the youths to embrace the ongoing national circumcision programme.

PSI male circumcision programme manager Roy Dhlamini said the Kambuzuma-born chanter had a positive influence on youths.

“When the news filtered in that Winky D had been circumcised, we had to turn away many youths from our centres because of the overwhelming response. We could not cope with the huge numbers at once,” said Dhlamini.

“We approached him with the idea of circumcision because his music appeals to the younger generation. They regard him as a true role model and, as such, youths are bound to follow in his footsteps. Like a true celebrity, he accepted the offer and now it’s paying dividends, it’s one way the young artist is giving back to the community.”

Dhlamini noted that the power of role models could not go unnoticed, citing calls by President Robert Mugabe for men to get circumcised at the just-ended Aids conference, which also triggered an overwhelming responds from the public.

Winky D features on a number of advertisements calling for men to get circumcised.

The musician’s manager Jonathan Banda said they were proud to be associated with a programme of national importance.

“It is indeed an honour to be involved in such an important campaign. Winky D’s music is mainly for the poor who live in ghettos and he seeks to help them achieve various goals,” said Banda.

“In this era of the ravaging Aids pandemic, the poor are the most affected because most of them do not afford the basic needs of life. Circumcision is one of the ways to try to lessen transmission of the HIV virus and Winky D had to lead by example so that his ghetto counterparts could follow suit. It conforms to the wider scope of our music.”

Winky D’s star continues to shine and he recently had a successful overseas tour where he mesmerised the audience with his energetic and well-polished act.

As evidence of his fast-growing career, Winky D has been included in a show dubbed “Zim’s Finest” that will take place at Andy Millar Hall on September 30.

The show features other popular artists namely Oliver Mtukudzi, Alick Macheso, Sulumani Chimbetu and Tongai Moyo.

Promoter of the show, Patson Chimbodza of Chipaz Promotions ,said Winky D’s inclusion on the list of “Zim’s Finest” was necessitated by his rapidly growing fan base.