Comment: Stop this madness


A stitch in time would have saved nine, literally. After getting away with their violent antics in Parliament and at Machipisa shopping centre, Zanu PF youths, who are members of the infamous Mbare-based Chipangano group, have continued their blitzkrieg around the capital in acts of rabid lawlessness.

The online dictionary,, gives variations of lawlessness as “disorder”, “chaos”, “reign of terror”, “mob rule” and “mobocracy”, and this is exactly what is manifesting in the conduct of these youths whose thirst for violent, criminal takeovers of what belongs to other people seems unquenchable.

Because the party failed to stamp its authority over such conduct earlier on, the youths now believe they are bigger than life and can do whatever they want knowing that, if history indeed repeats itself, they will not be brought to book or, should they be arrested, they will be pardoned. Their vote, of course, will be critical in the next elections.

The youths have now literally taken over Harare invading almost all council properties, car parks, ranks, markets and open spaces meant for council projects.

How are town planners expected to plan against the backcloth of such blatant mayhem?

The tragedy is that Home Affairs co-minister Theresa Makone has since given up on the rogue youths who seem to have the blessings of the powers-that-be, themselves significant beneficiaries of violence, without which they may never have secured the seats they occupy in Parliament.

The most frightening thing is that the violence has risen to levels were even law enforcement agents are not spared.

In the wake of the WikiLeaks revelations on how Zanu PF officials now despise President Robert Mugabe, it would appear as if there is now a free-for-all in the party, with no one really in firm control.

These youths need to understand that they have to sweat for their living, rather than just to go and demand payments for use of properties that belong to council.

Party secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa’s recent claims that they would defend the youths responsible for the violence that rocked Parliament Building should they be arrested is a clear indication that these youths are working on instruction.

The audacity with which they go about their vile acts of thuggery without fear illustrates they are working with political protection that is far beyond the reach of the law enforcement agents.

But surely this madness must stop.