Kingdom swindled of $30 000


Three Kingdom Financial Holdings employees from High Glen branch, Harare, have been arrested and charged with theft after allegedly stealing $30 000 from an automated teller machine (ATM).

The employees, whose duties were not specified in court papers, are said to have disabled the CCTV monitoring system and opened the ATM vault from where they stole the cash.

Raymond Masimba Kandiyero (30), Nyasha Sauramba (38) and Joyce Zingura (age not given) were not asked to plead when they appeared before Harare magistrate Donald Ndirowei, facing theft charges on Monday.

They were all remanded out of custody to October 3 on $100 bail each. As part of their bail conditions, they were ordered to report to police CID Serious Fraud unit twice per week.

The incident which led to the arrest of the trio is alleged to have occurred between September 1 and 2 when bank tellers were on duty.

It is alleged on the day in question, the branch banking hall’s over-the-counter transactions ran out of cash, but the ATM vault had $76 920.

The three allegedly agreed to withdraw $30 000 from the ATM vault for use in the banking hall.

The State alleges through their respective unlocking combinations, Sauramba and Zingura managed to open the ATM safe and withdrew $30 000 which they gave to the banking hall tellers for business transactions, leaving a balance of $46 920.

It is alleged from 7am on September 1, to 7am on September 2, the ATM dispensed $5 520 leaving a balance of $41 400.

However, by 7:41am on September 2, the ATM was now showing a reduced balance of $11 400, but there were no entries on records to account for the variance of $30 000.

This anomaly was allegedly picked up by the ATM reconciliation team who then informed the bank’s management prompting to internal investigations to be carried out.

It was then discovered that the CCTV monitoring system to the ATM room had been tampered with and no recording of the alleged period’s events were captured.

Upon being quizzed over the missing cash, Kandiyero, Sauramba and Zingura allegedly failed to give satisfactory answers prompting the bank’s management to report to the police leading to their arrest.