Teeing off with Tavenganiswa Mabikacheche


Hillside Golf Club (Mutare) — The major tournament of the week was the Hillside Masters which was the first tournament to be played on the course after the previous week’s 100 years commemoration tournament.

It was played over 72 holes; Friday 18, Saturday 36 and Sunday 18. This tournament is one of the Zimbabwe Golfers’ Association order of merit points games. All the country’s top golfers were there.

There were three divisions, A Championship Division Handicaps 0–6, B Division 7-12 and C Division 13-18. There were a lot of prizes for each round.

Handicaps 0-12 were playing a medal game, while handicaps 13-18 played Stableford over 36 holes, (Saturday 18, Sunday 18).

There were nine players disqualified, eight of whom were in 13-18 handicap C Division who were all entering lower scores than actually made on some holes. The ninth was disqualified in B Division for failure to sign the scorecard.

The 2011 Hillside Masters champion is Clive Nguru on an overall gross score of 298. The runner-up is Nic Masunga on 304, 3 Biggy Chibvuri 306, 4 B Follet-Smith 308, 5 B Magaso 312. Overall net winner was Biggy Chibvuri 290 and runner-up J Sigaba 297. All five winners were in the A Championship Division.

B Division winners were, overall gross winner S Matongo 323, runner-up A Mhere 333. Overall net winner was S Matongo 287 and runner-up was M Chikwana 303.

Division C Stableford overall winner was C J Dzangare 71 points, runner-up P Takaidza 70.

Saturday winner was C Nyachega 35 points counting out P Takaidza who became the runner-up also with 35 points. The Sunday winner was J Mboto 38 points, and runner-up was C J Dzangare 37

The September 14 Wednesday competition was an individual Stableford which the club sponsored. There were three prizes won by the club.

First was chairman R Tsunga on 38 and the runner-up was H Samupindi 36. Third position was M Mapfunde on 35.

Royal Harare Golf Club — The monthly medal played on September 10 had the following winners, C Division winner K Markhardt with 70 net, runner-up A Chakravati 71. B Division winner was I Ismail 70 net and runner-up B Ajidah 73.

A Division winner was W Ali on 68 net and the runner-up was O Suleman 69. Player with the best gross score was O Suleman with 77 gross.

Falcon Golf Club — The Saturday medal competition winners were, 1 A V M Nyaungwa 68 net, 2 A Karonga 69, 3 S Chiminya 70, 4 X Malunda 71. Sunday competition was individual Stableford won by 1 T Masuku 42, 2 W Kashiri 39, A E Mashamhanda 38, 4 M Janyure 36.

Ruwa Country Club — The individual Stableford Wednesday Club competition had two prizes. The winner was C K Jacha 41 and runner-up was S Ndawana 38.

Country Club — On Saturday the competition was an individual Stableford. Winner was I Kunatsa on 42 and runner-up A Nyamudze on 39.

The Wednesday Club four-ball betterball Stableford game had the following winners, 1 B Mc Laughlan/B Bester 46, 2 W Lunt/C Van Leeuwen 45.

Chapman Golf Club — On Saturday the Mega Medal competition winners were 1 De Jesus 70, 2 E Chakanyuka 71, 3 D Tsangamwe 74.