Ruling on Tsvangirai Facebook man on Tuesday


Bulawayo magistrate Rose Dube will on Tuesday make a ruling on whether or not the matter in which a Bulawayo man, Vikas Mavhudzi, is being charged with allegedly posting a message on Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Facebook wall, encouraging him to topple President Robert Mugabe through mass protests should go for trial.

This follows an application by Mavhudzi’s lawyer, Lizwe Jamela of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, to remove his client from remand arguing there was no evidence warranting the matter to go for trial since the police last week conceded they had failed to access the message which formed the charges.

However, despite the revelations the prosecution made submissions that the matter should go for trial without the message being retrieved.

Mavhudzi’s docket was last month returned to the police at the behest of the prosecution to help them access the message and bring the evidence to court.

However, the police last week wrote to the prosecution conceding they had failed to retrieve the message.

Charges against Mavhudzi are that on February 13 at about 2:10 pm, he allegedly sent a message to Prime Minister Tsvangirai’s Facebook wall, saying:

“I’m overwhelmed don’t know what to say Mr PM. What happened in Egypt is sending shock waves to all dictators around the world.

“No weapon but unity of purpose. Worth emulating hey.”