Mzembi calls for Zollywood


Tourism minister Walter Mzembi has underscored the need for Zimbabwe to have its own internationally-recognised music and arts industry.

Speaking to Midlands State University students at the weekend, Mzembi said: “Just like America’s Hollywood, India’s Bollywood as well as Nollywood of Nigeria, Zimbabwe should have its own Zollywood because there is no doubt that our artists are now of international standards,” said Mzembi.

Mzembi is expected to meet experts from Hollywood to discuss issues to do with strengthening the nation’s art and music industries.

The uniqueness of arts and culture is about the ability to sell the idea to other nations and continents as well as other cultures thereby creating opportunities to boost the tourism sector in Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwe is so blessed in the arts and music industries with a lot of talent in the likes of Alexio Kawara Winky D, Stunner, Mbira DzeNharira and Alick Macheso, among others,” added Mzembi.

Mzembi spoke of diverging from the colonial master’s culture and language in particular, so as to preserve uniqueness of the nation’s culture, thus raising a sense of awareness of Zimbabwean culture by international visitors.

“Zimbabweans should be able to define literacy according to their own culture, not expressing it in English and it is now the right time the young generation should be aware of other international languages, ” added Mzembi.

“The issue of language has also corrupted us so that if we are not careful with the interracial marriages as well, we may end up having Shona being extinct in the next years to come.”

The Ministry of Tourism is set to commemorate World Tourism Day under the theme, “Tourism Linking Culture”.

Mzembi’s ministry has since seized the initiative of taking tourism to grassroots through linking cultures.

“Zimbabwe is rich in cultural diversity.
“The magnanimity of our culture makes us a unique wonder.

“Our dances, our history, heritage sites form the gamut of our cultural affinities, so amazing and unique to us, a must-see to the whole world.”