Magwegwe MP dispels CDF abuse claims


Magwegwe MP Felix Sibanda has donated a generator worth over $2 000 and seven wheelchairs worthy $2 730 at Magwegwe Clinic.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, jointly officiated by the MP and Ward 18 councillor, Benjamin Ndlovu, the politicians dismissed media claims that they had abused CDF funds, saying such falsehoods were spread by people who did not appreciate what the fund was meant for.

The councillor read a report by auditors which cleared the MP of any abuse of the funds. Ndlovu said the money was meant for the revival of tangible projects in the constituency.

“CDF is not money for small projects like buying and reselling baskets. It is for the revival of tangible projects. We used the money to revive our schools, libraries and clinics,” he said.

Ndlovu said he would never contemplate abusing government funds because there would be repercussions.

“Government money is like a fishing hook. Once you abuse it, it will choke you,” he said.

The MP also donated books and two computers worth $1 280, a printer worth $550 and science textbooks worth $3 467.

“CDF is not a charity, but it is development-oriented. It is given to people collectively. Some people wanted us to give them money to buy chicken for resale. No,” he said.

Sibanda said the CDF was necessitated by donor fatigue and government had to try and come up with homegrown solutions to the development challenges in the country.