Tsvangirai can’t solve Zimbabwe problems — Ncube


The tiff between the leader of the smaller MDC led by Welshman Ncube and MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is far from over after Ncube recently branded Tsvangirai an “uneducated person who has no capacity to deal with the country’s problems”.

Addressing about a hundred supporters in Torwood on Saturday, Ncube said problems Zimbabwe faced were too complex for an “uneducated” Tsvangirai and cannot be addressed by slogans or waving of hands.

“The people who started the struggle for Zimbabwe’s liberation in 1957 were aware that for them to win over white colonialism they needed an educated leader . . . now Zimbabwe has more complex problems than those of 1957. Business has collapsed, factories ruined and schools have all but collapsed and these require a leadership with vision and capacity, which only this party has, not a tea boy (referring to Tsvangirai),” said Ncube.

“Tsvangirai cannot perform miracles and solve problems of our nation. That era ended with Jesus who performed them a long time ago.”

Tsvangirai, while addressing party supporters at a rally in Mbizo, Kwekwe, last month, said: “Ncube continues to attack me over my leadership because he has nothing to offer the electorate.

“What I want to tell him is that he should concentrate on running his own party while he lets me run mine, then the electorate will decide who they want to trust with running this country.”

MDC chairman Goodrich Chimbaira and women’s league chairperson Tandi Mlilo, also supported Ncube telling supporters he was the only person in Zimbabwe with the capacity to deliver a better life for the people.

“Tsvangirai has no idea how to lead Zimbabwe forward because he is uneducated. Welshman is the only man in the country with the capacity to lead this country forward, (Zanu PF leader and President Robert) Mugabe is always thinking about the past, so is Tsvangirai who thinks that since he was assaulted by Zanu PF he has a right to rule this country,” said Mlilo.