National Blood Service slams hospitals over hoarding


The National Blood Service (NBS) on Wednesday raised concern over hospitals and clinics which are allegedly hoarding blood while demanding more from the blood bank.

Speaking on the sidelines of the launch of the National Blood Policy and Standards for Blood Donation, NBS chief executive officer David Mashanda said the newly launched policy would empower the blood organisation to inquire how the blood was used by hospitals and clinics.

“Some hospitals are allegedly hoarding the blood.
The National Blood Policy will give us the mandate to ask questions such as ‘What have you done with the blood that we gave you?’ Standards require that one must give feedback and this is one way to achieve accountability from hospitals,” said Mashanda.

Mashanda said NBS was working to improve the quality of blood in the country amid reports that some people were importing blood from neighbouring countries like South Africa.

“We have a group of people who are importing their blood from South Africa; the government is making frantic efforts to ensure that blood is accessible by every citizen.

“The government gives us the authority to access blood everywhere and it is up to the organisation to find the place where we can find safe blood,” said Mashanda.

The NBS said the policy was a step in a positive direction in making sure the blood donated to the country was safe.

“The National Blood Policy is a document that governs how transfusion practices shall be carried out in Zimbabwe, upholding best practices in the industry as well as to protect blood donors and the recipients,” said Mashanda.

The National Blood Policy establishes the framework of blood transfusion services in Zimbabwe, including the collection, processing, distribution and use of blood.

The National Blood Standards for blood transfusion are the minimum requirements for hospital blood bank laboratories.