Mabvudzi ready for come back


Shame Mabvudzi, the other part of the once popular Shame and Nathan, has announced he is still in the music industry and is currently working on a new album from his base in South Africa.

The young man’s deep lyrical content and easy-flowing hooks, combined with different African influences and a mixture of other sounds from different parts of the world, created an intact Afro soul sound which lifted the duo to prominence with their signature tune Ndofara.

From his Cape Town base the Zimbabwe-born Afro-soul artist revealed he was working on a new album with Nelt-T, a South African music producer.

Before going solo, Mabvudzi worked with Nathan at the advent of urban grooves era with the duo recording hit songs like Aripo Wangu, Ndofara, Mafaro Chete and Taidanana among others.

In 2003 he recorded his first successful solo album titled Hazvinei which had songs like Hazvinei, Ndamirira Ndaneta and Boogey Jive. In 2010 he released his second solo album titled The Journey that has mainly been sold online.

Mabvudzi said he was working on his third album titled African Dream and hopes to step onto the African market with this offering.

“I want to be a musician who can be accepted in Africa instead of just making stuff for the Zimbabwean market.

“My hope is that this project will open that ground for my music career,” he said.

In his music career Shame has worked with the likes of Delani Makhalima, Stunner, Maskiri, Exq, Roki, Afrika Revenge, Kelly Rusike and he has also shared the stage with the likes of Tanga wekwa sando, the late Simon Chimbetu, Andy Brown and Betty Makaya.

Currently the young man has been doing a number of live shows in South Africa.

Last weekend he held a joint show with TK Hollun in Durban where he played music from his upcoming album.