Comment: Kunonga should spare children


Reports that excommunicated Anglican church leader Nolbert Kunonga last week evicted headmasters, teachers and priests for allegedly aligning themselves with the diocese of his arch-rival Chad Gandiya made sad reading.

Especially so after the Zanu PF-aligned church leader left thousands of schoolchildren at Daramombe in Chivhu among others without their shepherds.

The spate of evictions in Chivhu, Murehwa and other areas has unfortunately thrown the name of the Church of England into disrepute.

This however has revealed Kunonga’s insatiable appetite for both power and wealth. Since he lost control of the Anglican Church first to Sebastian Bakare and later to Gandiya, Kunonga, who has ingratiated himself with Zanu PF, has committed acts of atrocities on innocent people as if he was above the law.

Kunonga is the excommunicated Bishop of the Province of the Central Africa Harare Diocese, who now runs a rival church, the Anglican Church Province of Zimbabwe.

Whether he is fighting a good cause or not, it is not for anyone to say, but the public will always ask themselves why Kunonga’s actions have left thousands of disadvantaged children out in the open at the mercy of the weather. In many cases innocent children have found themselves in the crossfire.

Over 100 orphans at Shearly Cripps Children’s Home in Murehwa were recently left stranded when caregivers, including nuns, were chucked out.

A few days later Kunonga was at it again evicting the priest and headmasters of Daramombe primary and secondary schools in Chivhu, leaving the children without a shepherd.

The eviction of headmasters was ill-advised and ill-timed given that some of the children will soon be sitting for their final examinations.

One could not agree more with Minister of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture David Coltart who on Friday unequivocally condemned the ejection of headmasters saying it was not in the interest of the schoolchildren. The school authorities could not just be changed like that at this time.

Coltart is right that changing headmasters is detrimental to the students, especially when this happens in the third term with public examinations about to start in the coming weeks.

Kunonga’s actions are despite last Thursday’s High Court decision to defer ruling on the wrangle in which Gandiya’s diocese is seeking a stay of ejectment from church properties.

The ruling is set for September 23.

In that vein, one would question why Kunonga is subverting the law.

He should be made aware that the time of reckoning is just around the corner for anyone flouting the law of the land regardless of how well-connected he might be.