Comedian releases new television series


Local comedian Tawanda Masarira aka Kahembe who early this year released his debut comedy Bag Remhosva is back with a new production titled Vamwe Vanhu.

After proving to very humourous in his debut production, Masarira has decided to team up with fellow comedians Lloyd Kurima aka Mabla 10, Zebron “Shinda” Tembo and Elizabeth Chihura who acts as Mai Shinda in Vamwe Vanhu.

“Just like my first production, I mainly focus on social issues within our communities and I add a bit of a comic feel to the themes,” said Masarira.

He said he totally enjoyed leaving every crowd he entertains in stitches because he believes that every serious lesson could be easily learnt if there is a comic element to it.

Vamwe Vanhu is the first of three seasons of the television series that will be released after every two months and certainly the first season is a fun-filled chapter that will leave viewers in stitches.

“In the comedy, Shinda who is a policeman resents sleeping in the same bed with his wife because she snores so he opts to sleep in the living room. It is only later that Mai Shinda, his wife, discovers that he urinates in his sleep and the drama unfolds,” said Masarira.

He said it was his simple way of teaching people not to judge others, especially concerning habits that were beyond their control.

Kahembe this time lands himself a job as a commuter omnibus driver but unfortunately he can only work within the high-density suburb of Budiriro in Harare as a way of avoiding police roadblocks.

His stint in the neighbourhood is successful until one day when he runs out of petrol with passengers on board and decides to run away from them and the vehicle, stealing their money as well.

“The series will never be broadcast on local television because I want viewers to promote my work through buying the DVD,” said Masarira.

Masarira’s career began in 2002 and he is part of Budiriro-based Tambanaye Arts Group.