More roadblocks, more accidents


The Zimbabwe Republic Police has increased the number of roadblocks for vehicle inspection especially along highways in a bid to curb road carnage, but surprisingly we continue to witness an increase in accidents.

Recently one commuter omnibus accident in Centenary claimed 16 lives on the spot and another in Nyazura claimed 19.

The police officers manning roadblocks are always after money. That is why unroadworthy vehicles and reckless commuter omnibus drivers continue to use our roads.

Some police officers are now reportedly driving cars bought using money obtained through unsavoury means.

People continue to die because police are not doing their job. It has become a norm for the kombi drivers to bribe the police.

Under normal circumstances, a kombi must have a fitness certificate and the driver must have a licence and should have been retested, but in Zimbabwe, the drivers just bribe their way through even without papers.

A kombi driver may travel from Harare to Beitbridge without a road fitness certificate and a driver’s licence and all the roadblocks within the highway just let the kombi pass after receiving bribes.

Graft exposes innocent Zimbabweans to danger.
Rogue police officers enjoy life drinking beer after work and driving luxury cars because of bribes, but people are dying because of their corruption.

When passenger-carrying vehicles are overloaded, police officers demand bribes instead of arresting the driver and the conductor.

Most commuter omnibus crews always keep money for bribes on the side.

What forces them to overload is the need for extra cash.

The police have unfortunately become accomplices because they let overloaded vehicles pass since they get part of the extra cash from kombi crews.
Some operators even give their crews extra money for police on the way.

They know that at every roadblock they pay their way through. A lot of people have died because of this vice that has destroyed our society.

The Ministry of Home Affairs must take responsibility and deal decicively with rogue police officers.

Citizens should also do their part by reporting such corrupt practices. Once corrupt officers are flushed out of the force, Zimbabwe will surely become a better place to live in.

Passengers must remind the police of their duties and responsibilities.

Speeding drivers must face the law as prescribed.
Anti-corruption commission must start working hard to flush outcorrupt elements out of the force.

Zimbabweans, let’s work together to fight corruption. This will help us to save lives.

Recent reports of corrupt police officers getting arrested are encouraging. We must stop corruption. We can’t let this rampant lawlessness continue while we stand aside and watch.

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