Khumalos keen on restoration of monarchy


Descendants of King Mzilikazi who are leading annual commemorations in his honour, are pushing for the restoration of the Khumalo monarchy, and inauguration of a Ndebele King, which ended with the death of King Lobengula in 1893.

In an interview with NewsDay on Friday, Prince Peter Zwidekalanga Khumalo, said there was consensus among King Mzilikazi’s descendants and Ndebeles in general that the monarchy should be restored.

“I don’t know of any Khumalo who is against the revival of King Mzilikazi’s monarchy. The Khumalo clan is united and we know each other well, including those that are outside the country anywhere in the world.

“The restoration of the monarchy is the foundation of the theme of the annual commemoration. The commemoration is a way of inspiring us to bring people together the same way Mzilikazi brought together this nation. The focus is also that our children must learn from these ceremonies the values of unity, sharing and inclusivity because when we call people we don’t discriminate, but invite everyone on equal terms,” he said.

Khumalo said it was important for the people to assist the Khumalo family in the restoration of the king.

“We, however, need to understand that whilst the Khumalo family represents the leadership of the monarchy system, the process leading to the restoration of the King is supposed to be done as a nation.

“They (Khumalos) need to be placed in a position to lead by those they are supposed to lead. The people must demand and assist the Khumalo people to lead them,” he said.

Khumalo went on to thank the various stakeholders for this year’s commemorations, held at Mhlahlandlela, just outside Bulawayo last week.

“This year’s commemoration was a resounding success and this was through a lot of Mthwakazi people’s contributions, materially, socially and in ideas. We would like to invite them for next year’s commemorations at Mhlahlandlela again,” he said.