Mbudzi in trouble over ‘Mugabe must go’ mantra


MASVINGO — The survival of Zanu PF prodigal son, retired army major Savious Kudzai Mbudzi — who was recently re-admitted into the party — hangs in the balance after party hawks say he faces censure for his “Mugabe must go” mantra.

Mbudzi was quoted in a Masvingo weekly paper saying President Mugabe — who has been betrayed by his close lieutenants as revealed by whistleblower WikiLeaks — should retire and pave way for young blood to contest in the next elections, under a Zanu PF ticket.

The former Mavambo/Khusile/Dawn political project key man also said leadership renewal and transformation of Zanu PF was inevitable.

Mbudzi also reportedly told a national weekly last week that Zanu PF should undergo “systematic organisational re-alignment and renewal” if it wants to remain relevant, come next elections.

“There is urgent need for organisational re-alignment and regeneration in Zanu PF because how can someone who has been in the politburo of the party since 1977 move along with modern political trends? Zanu PF needs to renew (itself) by replacing the old guard with young turks,” Mbudzi is quoted as having said.
Mbudzi also blasted Zanu PF for lacking democratic space at the top.

“The problem in Zanu PF is that that the party lacks a culture of contesting elections; no one is prepared to stand up and challenge President Mugabe for the top position in the party like what other parties in the region do,’’ Mbudzi said.

The remarks, said top sources in Zanu PF, was taken as a direct attack on President Robert Mugabe and a sign of rebellion.

“The remarks have not been taken lightly, considering that they are coming from someone regarded as a rebel — someone who once left the party and came back. I am told there should be a disciplinary hearing for him.

His loyalty has always been doubted from the day he was re-admitted into the party,” a top Zanu PF official here said.

Contacted for comment, Zanu PF provincial chairman Lovemore Matuke said he was in a meeting and promised to call back, which he however never did.