Sadc appoints Jomic aides


Sadc has identified two of the three people who will work with the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (Jomic) to monitor the implementation of the Global Political Agreement, the South African facilitation team confirmed yesterday.

This follows a resolution at the Sadc Heads of State summit in Angola last month that the Sadc Troika on Politics, Defence and Security appoints a three-member team to work with Jomic.

The troika is chaired by South African President Jacob Zuma, who is also the Sadc-appointed mediator in the Zimbabwe crisis and also comprises Mozambique and Zambia.

Many believe the appointment of the officials is testimony that Sadc is pressing ahead with its attempts to find a solution to Zimbabwe’s political woes, despite President Robert Mugabe’s reluctance to accept the trio, arguing it would be tantamount to allowing external interference in the country’s internal political affairs.

“We have one left, but they will be revealed when the three of them are there. The team will work with us as the facilitation team,” said Zuma’s international relations advisor, Lindiwe Zulu, who is also the spokesperson of the facilitation team.

Members of the team were seconded by their Heads of State.

Zulu, however, refused to reveal the identity of the personnel chosen to work with the body as well as disclose which country was still to make a nomination.

Jomic chairperson Elton Mangoma said his team was ready to work with the additional members as they would strengthen the committee’s monitoring role. He said Jomic wanted to operate transparently and had no problems accepting the team from Sadc.

Mangoma said Jomic, which he said now communicated directly with Sadc and the facilitation team, had also sent a timetable of its meetings to the facilitator and the regional body, so that representatives from the bodies could choose meetings to attend.

However, it is yet to be seen how smoothly the Sadc team will operate considering Zanu PF’s position that they should come in as mere observers.