Nhema blasts residents for polluting streets


Environment and Natural Resources minister Francis Nhema has blasted Bulawayo residents for deliberately polluting the streets through random and careless dumping of garbage in the city.

The accusations came amid reports that the local authority had acquired 23 refuse compactors and equipment to deal with the problem.

Nhema, who was guest of honour during the World Ozone Layer Day celebrations held at the Large City Hall, said it was unfortunate that the same residents who littered the streets then blamed the council for failing to collect refuse.

“Please do not take more space than what you are supposed to take. You are part of the environment and what you do here may either pollute it or make it clean,” Nhema said.

“Bulawayo was previously known for its cleanliness. But now when we enter the city we are met with a stench emanating from garbage thrown all over.

“What has happened to the Bulawayo we all knew? You people litter the city and the following day you complain about the council not delivering. One cooks a lot of food and fails to finish it. The next day the person throws the same food in the street. Why do people cook more than what they can eat?” asked Nhema.

“We have to change these habits because they are not good for our city and our health.”