Macheso dancer injured


Alick Macheso’s most recent recruit, Selemane Mpochi, has been missing in action after injuring his knee on stage at a recent show in Kwekwe.

The energetic dancer, nicknamed “Zaiko” or “Majuice”, twisted his knee while going through a dance routine and tore his ligaments.

Speaking in an interview with NewsDay Mpochi said he was recuperating well and would be back on stage in two weeks.

“I twisted my knee in Kwekwe on stage. The stage was not well balanced so when I swayed in one of my routines I injured my knee,” said Mpochi.

“The X-ray shows that I tore my ligaments on the left knee, but I am happy I am recovering well and am confident that I will be back in two weeks.”

The Kambuzuma-based dancer expressed gratitude to his boss and fellow workmates whom he says have solidly stood by him.

“I am grateful to my boss and workmates who have taken care of me in my time of need. They have taken care of all my medical needs and I am happy to work with such people,” he said.

The dancer is undoubtedly one of the most talented members of Macheso’s frontline.

Macheso said he was happy with the young dancer’s recovery.

“I am happy with his progress. We miss him dearly at live shows where he has proven to be very creative. He has slowly become very popular with our fans so we wish him well and we promise the fans that we are doing all we can that he comes back to do what he knows best,” said Extrabasso, as Macheso is popularly known.

Meanwhile Macheso has said he has buried the hatchet with his other dancer, Peter Kagomera, with whom he fell out a few months ago.

Kagomera is said to have irked the management of Orchestra Mberikwazvo due to his “loose morals”.

“Peter is naughty and the management had decided to fire him. But I know the young man’s background. It reminds me so much of my own background and I would never leave him to go back to the streets,” said Macheso.

“I will do all I can to make sure that he gets onto the correct path. If it means we are going to fight then we will fight because I know life better than he does.”

Kagomera acceded that they were now in good books with the group.

“We have talked about it and we resolved it. It is normal for people to fall out sometimes and I am happy I am learning a lot from the experiences,” said Kagomera.

“The management has also taken their stance to punish me and sometimes I had to pay to get into our shows. It might sound weird, but that is the action they took to discipline me,” said Kagomera.