‘Fugitive’ Madzore appears in public


MDC-T youth leader Solomon Madzore, whose whereabouts had been subject to speculation, resurfaced at the party’s 12th anniversary celebrations at Gwanzura Stadium on Saturday and warned President Robert Mugabe against “manipulating the electoral process” in Zimbabwe.

Madzore was said to be on the run with the police reportedly looking for him in connection with the death of Petros Mutedza, a police inspector, who was killed in Glen View in March.

But yesterday, Madzore told NewsDay in an interview that he was “very much around and very visible”.

“As youths we want to give (President) Mugabe a warning that if he does what he did in 2008 and steal the elections, this time we will act on him,” Madzore said.

“We have the right to choose our leaders and we will choose our leader (Morgan Tsvangirai) whether he has a degree or not, whether he has a jet or not, because we love him.” Recently, Madzore could not attend the funeral of his mother in Buhera reportedly fearing possible arrest.

“What happened in Glen View is unfortunate. As a party we are on record saying we don’t believe in violence and that we are victims of Zanu PF State-sponsored violence,” he said.

The police are intensifying the crackdown on MDC-T activists in connection with the Glen View murder with the latest suspect being a 57-year-old woman who was arrested last week and has since appeared in court facing murder charges.

“They are efforts to shut me up by Zanu PF as we move towards elections on a date to be agreed by all parties in government. They are making efforts to intimidate me and harass me and whatever allegations against me are political and not criminal,” Madzore said.

“If anything, people who killed Learnmore Jongwe, Bertha Chokururama, Tonderai Ndira and many others should be arrested. People who massacred those in Matabeleland and Midlands during the Gukurahundi era should be arrested unless they redefine the meaning of criminal activity.”

Commenting on the alleged violent activities of a Zanu PF shadowy group, Chipangano, Madzore said: “No one is above the law.

They have pseudo belief and confidence and a false sense of invincibility.

They believe they are beyond prosecution, but as the youth assembly of the largest political party, we will not fold our hands while we see our mothers being brutalised.”