Property administrator up for fraud


A Bulawayo businesswoman, Muriel De Souza, is suing property administrator John Pocock and Company for fraud and contravention of the Legal Practitioners Act, after they allegedly acted on behalf of the businesswoman’s landlord to draw summons on alleged rental arrears against her.

A police docket, CR 01/11 has now been opened against Pocock.

On Tuesday, the company was taken to court, but court officials directed the police to put some papers in order.

In January this year, De Souza also filed a $5 million lawsuit against the property administrator after her property was attached and sold, allegedly to settle the purported rental arrears.

The matter is still pending at the Bulawayo High Court under case number HC 4/11.

De Souza is claiming she does not owe her landlord anything.

John Pocock and Company is the administrator of the building occupied by De Souza’s company Tradepass Marketing, trading as Outreach for Jesus Carpenters in Thorngrove.

It is alleged the company drew summons on behalf of Filannino and Markou A, who are De Souza’s landlords, for a court process which the businesswoman alleges was in breach of the Legal Practitioners Act.

She said by so doing, they violated sections 9 and 12 of the Legal Practioners Act which says such summons have to be drawn by qualified legal practitioners.