Mtshabezi pipeline falls behind schedule


Completion of the Mtshabezi Dam pipe link, long regarded as a mid-term solution to Bulawayo’s perennial water woes, is again running behind schedule raising fears the project might not be completed this year.

The water pipe had been earmarked for completion this month after having been on the drawing board for the past four years due to lack of funds.

Bulawayo City Council Future Water Supplies and Water Action Committee chairperson Norman Hlabani told a council meeting recently, progress on the project was around 60%.

“Significant progress has been made on the pipeline project and progress is around 60%,” he said.

“At the current rate, completion was projected to be around next month and it was envisaged that a significant additional amount of water would be availed to council’s system.”

The report added the project was on course to meet the mid-October completion date with walling for some of the reservoirs at three quarters level.

According to latest council report, a distance of 23 of the 42km had been laid with pipeline. The tender for supply and installation of pumps had already been floated.

The pipeline, which will link Mtshabezi and Ncema dams, is also set to transform lives of villagers along its corridor.