Ndux Junior to record new album


Ndux Junior and his Batshele Brothers band are working on releasing their fifth album entitled Fakimali Uzobona.

Ndux Junior, real name Witness Malaba, told NewsDay that he would be making his way to Harare at the end of the month for recording at Diamond Studios.

“All the material is ready for the album. It has seven tracks,” he said.

His late father, Ndux, popularised tshibilika music, which his son plays, with hits such as Unity. His father’s music had a fast and danceable beat and yet fused with powerful messages of peace and love.

Ndux Junior on the other hand, last released an album last year entitled Sekunjalo.

He said he would never divert from the style of music popularised by his father as he felt that his legacy should be protected.

Asked if he had incorporated some of the musicians that used to perform with his father into his 11-member band, Ndux said most of them had unfortunately died.

“The majority of them have died. Only about three are left now, but we have not included them in the band,” he said.

Ndux said life in general inspires him to write songs.
“My songs touch on what people go through such as divorce or death. I try to encourage them not to lose hope. I also focus on happy moments because life is not only about the bad things.”