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Zapu elects new chairman, fires Nziramasanga


Zapu National People’s Council (NPC) has elected Bulawayo businessman Isaac Mabuka as its new national chairperson and expelled secretary for information Canciwell Nziramasanga.

Mabuka becomes chairperson of the NPC and the party.

Party spokesperson Methuseli Moyo told NewsDay on Monday that among the major decisions taken by the NPC, Zapu also came up with policy positions on a raft of contemporary issues affecting Zimbabwean politics.

“The NPC endorsed the expulsion of Nziramasanga. We have expelled him with dishonour, which means we expel and announce it publicly because of the gravity of his indiscipline.

He was absenting himself from meetings only to appear in the Press saying he has formed his own Zapu. Any party that wants him, can take him,” said Moyo.

“Consequently, it is left to the northern region of the party to find his replacement in the NEC. He was representing Harare Province.”

NPC is the decision-making body of Zapu outside congress.

Moyo said: “He will be the chief whip of the party and will ensure that the executive abides by the constitution of the party.”

He added the NPC also adopted draft policies on indigenisation, empowerment, land, youth, gender and the constitutional referendum.

“We also took time to strategise for the next elections and aspiring candidates mainly from the Diaspora, the UK and South Africa, presented themselves before the NPC. Indications are that internal competition will be very stiff, particularly in Bulawayo, Midlands and Matabeleland South.

So far, there are constituencies in Bulawayo with three strong candidates each,” he said.

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