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Zapu raps Zanu PF over Libya


Zapu has rapped Zanu PF for allegedly undermining the ongoing Libyan revolution after Harare declined to recognise the North African country’s National Transitional Council (NTC) and deported ambassador Taher Elmagrahi for dumping strongman Muammar Gaddafi.

Zapu spokesperson Methuseli Moyo told NewsDay yesterday while they appreciated the military support received from Gaddafi during Zimbabwe’s liberation war, it was important for Zanu PF to accept Libyans needed democracy, hence the revolt against their leader.

“It is important to point out that Zapu and Zipra received immense help from Gaddafi. However, it is equally important to point out, from the outset, that this does not take away the fact Gaddafi has always been a dictator who has always been imposing his will on the Libyan people,” said Moyo.

“We are in solidarity with the people of Libya. They deserve democracy. We don’t understand why Zanu PF continues to hallucinate about a Gaddafi government. They (Zanu PF) are just angry that they have been comrades. We know there are deals that didn’t benefit Zimbabwe or Libya. They must understand that Gaddafi is now a fugitive and not a head of state.

“They (Zanu PF) must reform. The things that Zanu PF and Gaddafi have been doing are things that we read in history books,” he said.

Elmagrahi has been given until today to leave the country after he denounced Gaddafi.

A week ago, the ambassador hoisted the rebel flag at the embassy building in Harare, after a jubilant crowd of demonstrators tore down the Libyan flag as “rebels” stormed Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli last week on Tuesday.

Harare immediately denounced the move as “unacceptable” and gave the envoy 72 hours to leave Zimbabwe.

The two MDCs in the inclusive government have distanced themselves from the decision to fire the envoy, blaming Zanu PF of single-handedly concluding the matter without consulting other partners.

But, Zanu PF national spokesperson Rugare Gumbo denied the charge yesterday insisting the decision had been made at government level. “It’s nonsense. It is being dealt with by the Foreign Affairs ministry. They (Zapu) should direct their issues to the ministry. We as a party really support the GNU,” said Gumbo.

“We support their position on that (expulsion) because you can’t say we cannot condemn the ambassador when he is being abusive of his office. What secret deals with Gaddafi? Gaddafi came here and we hammered deals on petroleum and that has always been public. What secret deals are they talking about? (Dumiso) Dabengwa was there when these things happened.”

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