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Somanje is jealous of my success — son


Faheem Wellington Somanje, the first born of Pengaudzoke frontman Daiton Somanje, has described his dad as a jealous man who is not happy about his son’s success.

Daiton wants to evict his son and wife Annah Kezias from his Rusike house in Marondera for a number of reasons. Faheem has been accused of having an affair with his stepmother.

The Tsaona hitmaker had applied for an eviction order against his family at Marondera Civil Court and the ruling will be on Monday.

Faheem, who despite being talented is still to release his debut album, has described his father’s actions towards him as a show of jealousy.

He leads a seven-member band called Tokudai Mose and he is currently rocking Marondera and surrounding areas with his live shows.

“I don’t know why my father is doing all this to me to the extent of accusing me of bedding his wife. I am married and we get on well with her and we have been helping each other when he (Daiton) moved in with his Dzivaresekwa girlfriend,” said Faheem.

“He even chased away some of his band members accusing them of having an affair with his wife, and now he blames me.

“He is jealous because he knows I am excelling in my music career and I am gaining a lot of popularity in Mashonaland East Province while he knows he is losing popularity musically.

“I haven’t released (an album) yet, but judging from crowds that throng my live shows I am now far better than him.

“Moreover, my father is accusing me of stealing goods from my own community. Because of all these accusations, everywhere I go people are asking me why I am in love with my father’s wife,” he said.

Daiton recently accused his family of disrespecting and assaulting him.

“They are stealing my property and spreading falsehoods about me. The house they are occupying is mine and I had to move out of the house and stay in Harare because of them,” said Daiton.

“My ex-wife (Annah Kezias) and Faheem took turns to beat me when I was sick and bed-ridden sometime last year.”

Faheem also said his father was organising the sale of Rusike house because he wanted to reside permanently in Harare.

“I am aware of his moves, he tried to put me in jail, but it failed now he is seeking an eviction order to boot us out,” said Faheem

“I am a grown man. I can take care of myself and soon I will be out of the house starting my own life.

“But I am surprised my father is calling his wife, ex-wife. I didn’t know that they divorced and nobody chased him out of the house.

“Everybody in Marondera knows he is cohabitating with his mistress in Harare and he was heard talking about selling the house.

“The house belongs to him and he can do whatever he wants with it. He should not drag our names in the mud. In fact he should be ashamed of himself,” said Faheem.

The feud started in June this year when Daiton made a report at Dombotombo Police Station accusing his son Faheem of stealing kombi seat covers, four cellphones and a guitar, among other goods.

The police, however, released Faheem due to lack of evidence.

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