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Motorists cry foul over radio licences


Motorists are crying foul over a law that forces them to pay car radio licences for non-working radios, especially in vehicles imported from Japan.

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has embarked on a blitz, forcing all motorists to buy licences at $30, even when radios in their vehicles are non-functional and do not connect to local channels.

In a NewsDay survey, motorists cried foul saying most of the vehicles were imports from Japan and the radios were not compatible to Zimbabwean wavelengths.

“My radio does not connect to local channels, but I was told I should buy a licence. When my car came, it could not connect to the local channels so I really do not know why I should pay for the licence,” said a motorist, Justice Mhaka. A woman who spoke on condition of anonymity said she was also made to pay for a radio licence even though her car radio was not compatible to the local radio stations.

“I paid for the licence because I had no choice, but I never listen to Power FM or any of the local radio stations in my car.”

ZBC public relations manager Sivukile Simango defended the enforcement of radio licences saying that was the law.

“It is the law that we are complying with. The law says if you are in possession of a mere gadget one has to pay for its licence and people should just comply,” said Simango.

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