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21 traffic police arrested, suspended over corruption


Twenty-one traffic police- men have so far been arrested and suspended this year over various offences related to corruption.

The traffic police face allegations of fraud as well as soliciting and receiving bribes from motorists.

National traffic police spokesperson Inspector Tigere Chigome confirmed the development.

“Some have gone on a disciplinary trial, charged under the Police Act and have been taken to court. A decision is then made on whether the members should remain in the police force or be discharged,” Chigome said.

Many policemen at roadblocks have come under heavy criticism from members of the public for soliciting and receiving bribes. Chigome said the practice had seen motorists with unroadworthy vehicles remaining on the roads, resulting in an upsurge in fatal accidents.

“This action is being taken in a bid to weed out bad apples. Corruption is number one enemy and we say zero tolerance to such acts, hence any police officers found partaking in such activities will face the music,” Chigome said.

He urged the public not to entice traffic cops with bribes and ensure their vehicles were blameless.

“The public should also not entice the police, but make sure all their papers are in order to avoid such problems. In the event that one is on the wrong side of the law, the public should pay a fine and be receipted. People should not be fleeced on the amount of fines and should know that our fines are not more than $20.”

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