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Mujuru, Nkomo back in office


Vice-Presidents Joice Mujuru and John Nkomo are back in office.

Mujuru had been away following the tragic death of her husband, Retired General Solomon Mujuru, in an unexplained inferno at his Alamein Farm in Beatrice two weeks ago, while Nkomo, who has not been feeling well for some time now, was flown to South Africa after the burial of General Mujuru for medical attention.

Yesterday, his son, Jabulani, said Nkomo was recovering well and the family was happy with his progress.

Jabulani told NewsDay his father’s health was “picking” and he was convalescing well.
“His health is picking and he is recovering well. I am not sure if he has started his Cabinet duties because I am in Bulawayo and he is in Harare.

You can check with other Cabinet ministers if he is attending meetings,” he said.

A Cabinet minister also confirmed to NewsDay the VP attended Cabinet yesterday and that he appeared fit.

“Yes, he was there and he looked strong. He is okay,” he said.

Last Friday, rumours swirled in the country that VP Nkomo had died in a South African hospital.
But, Jabulani dismissed the rumours, saying: “It’s not true. I was speaking to him just now and dead people don’t talk.”

Media, Information and Publicity minister Webster Shamu also dismissed the rumours.

“It’s not true at all. These are the usual rumours that are thrown around by our detractors who do not seem to wish us well,” he said.

The rumours proved to be false after VP Nkomo arrived back in the country on Saturday.

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