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Tsuro faces attempted murder charge


The Attorney-General has charged Chitungwiza Registrar-General’s marriage officer Gorden Tsuro with a more serious charge of attempted murder as opposed to the previously preferred charge of domestic violence.

The new charge attracts a stiffer penalty and the matter is presided over by a regional magistrate.

Two months ago, Tsuro made headlines after he allegedly attacked his wife, Rosemary Charlie, with an axe over a suspected domestic dispute.

He was charged with domestic violence by the police despite the serious injuries Charlie had sustained.

Last week Tsuro (41) was not asked to plead when he appeared before regional magistrate Temba Kuwanda.

According to the State case, the couple had a misunderstanding over residential stand documents and the argument resulted in the confrontation which nearly turned fatal.

It is alleged on the evening in question, Tsuro retired to bed after supper.

At around 2040hrs, Charlie followed and found him still awake.

The State alleges Tsuro requested Charlie to give him a document of her residential stand which is under construction.

But Charlie is said to have told Tsuro that it was at her workplace and Tsuro allegedly insisted he wanted it immediately.

It is alleged Tsuro was infuriated and drew an axe from underneath the bed and ordered Charlie to sit down.

It is alleged Charlie complied and Tsuro lifted the axe intending to strike her on the head, but she blocked the axe with her palms and was struck in the palms in the process.

Tsuro is also alleged to have used the axe to strike Charlie once on the head and on her legs several times.

He later allegedly used the axe handle to strike her all over resulting in her sustaining a fractured arm.

However, Charlie was reportedly rescued by her landlord Edward Gwekwete, who helped to take her to the hospital.

A police report was made, leading to Tsuro’s arrest.

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