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China urges nationals to offer quality goods, services


The Chinese government has urged its nationals doing business in foreign countries to offer high-quality goods and services, saying poor workmanship was not in China’s interest as it only served to give the country a bad image.

Responding to concerns from journalists and Press officers from developing countries over the quality of goods and services offered by Chinese nationals operating in Africa, officials said China did not have the policy of dumping cheap goods on the continent.

Journalists from Africa questioned the quality of goods brought into their countries by the Chinese and the alleged poor workmanship in projects they were involved in, a sharp contrast to its exports to the Western world.

Sate Council Information Office vice-minister (SCIO) Wang Zhongwei said although it was difficult for his country to monitor activities of private companies across the globe, especially those who would have got into private partnerships with companies in their host countries, his country was doing all it could to ensure that Chinese companies maintained high standards.

“We know these will only damage our image, so we are doing our best to improve,” he said.

Jiang Weiqiand director general of the second department of the SCIO, acknowledged that some Chinese businesspeople were trading in inferior goods, but said that was common with countries at their early stages of development.

He said his country was against the practice and was urging nationals to put aside the culture of aiming to make money fast and compromising quality.

Huang Youyi, China International Publishing Group vice-president said the quality of goods being exported by China was constantly improving although there were some people doing shoddy jobs.

“Producing inferior goods does not help.

“The market will know that the goods are inferior and shun your products, that’s why we have taken the policy to produce high-technological goods,” he said.

Huang said the Chinese nationals who were selling low-quality goods abroad may have failed to make a living at home and were “swindling” people by selling inferior goods.

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