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Zapu SA province in turmoil


The recent visit by Zapu secretary-general Ralph Mguni to the party’s structures in South Africa reportedly sparked a storm with youths demanding the British-based politician to “come home or give up the post”.

However, Zapu Diaspora members’ spokesperson Luke Sayi, who is also based in South Africa, dismissed the call describing it as “a small storm in tea cup”.

“Anyone who chooses to ignore party protocol and complains via the media clearly shows that he is not a Zapu member,” said Sayi.

Recently, Zapu’s South Africa youth front’s national executive council representative Mlamuli Mhlaba Nkomo wrote a strong-worded letter to Mguni advising him of the fissures in the party structures.

“There is a history of political violence against youths in this province,” he said.

Nkomo said even the elections that swept the current executive to power were phoney.

“The election in South Africa was conducted based on a fraudulent document crafted by Sayi, Ian Beddowes and signed by Professor (Meshack) Matshazi.

This was a clear violation of the guidelines sent by the national executive to the provinces. It boggles my mind why Professor Matshazi decided to sign this document when there was a document from the national executive clearly indicating the composition of the electoral colleges,” he said.

Nkomo accused Mguni of remaining holed up in the UK, while the party was disintegrating.

“The truth is crucial, for politicians like you and for revolutionaries like me! My personal view is that while in a national soccer team, a foreign-based player adds value and experience to the team, like Peter (Ndlovu) or Benjani (Mwaruwari) for the Warriors or Samuel Eto’o for Cameroon).

In a political organisation like Zapu, a foreign-based secretary-general is a liability. You should give up your post to someone who is more capable. The party’s structures are in disarray and in some provinces non-existent,” he said.

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