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A glimpse of nightlife in Kadoma


A young man clad in torn overalls and slip-ons dances wildly to sungura music blurring from a hi-tech sound system as he jealously holds his favourite clear-beer brand.

Occasionally sipping from his bottle and wiping sweat from his forehead, he seems oblivious of scantily dressed women that eye him with envy as he changes pace in concurrence with the peaking music tempo.

As he downs one bottle after another the jubilant merrymaker keeps pulling $100 notes from a crispy bundle while stuffing the change into his back pocket.

When a few friends join him on the dance floor, he stops, apparently counting them and then orders beers tallying with their number.

Merrymaking gets hotter with each lapsing hour in Club 23 in Ngezi, Kadoma, on this amazing Friday night.

Drinkers and dancers have been at the shopping centre since morning buying their beers from Room 10 Bottle Store and a number are now showing signs of having taken one too many.

“These people really love to enjoy themselves. Most of them are gold panners from surrounding areas and whenever they make money, they come here to blow themselves up with entertainment. Never mind them. They are a very jovial people,” explained one bar tender at Club 23.

This was just a part representation of nightlife in Kadoma.

At De Sports Bar in Rimuka, it was a different scenario. A resident DJ selected current hits from contemporary genres and a relatively mature audience enjoyed one beat after another, sometimes singing along. Colourful disco lights made the place fantastic and patrons sipped their drinks without haste.

The other side of Rimuka had a different tale. This was in Gazaland Bar (also popularly known as Joina City after a building in Harare).

“We call it Joina City because this is where people from all parts of Rimuka meet. It is a very busy place as you can see and we are quite happy here,” said one patron who only identified himself as Kodza.

The plush bar has big television screens and some watched various DStv channels in far corners of the bar while the majority preferred to enjoy music standing. They streamed in and out in numbers and it was indeed apparent that the place was a hive of activity.

In the city centre, it was less hectic with patrons in Mzanzi Fo Sho Sports Bar steadily enjoying their drinks and listening to various music selections.

Just a short distance from the bar is Grand Hotel. Here, patrons listened to soft music while others busied themselves with a game of pool.

But patrons said the hotel bar became a hive of serious activity when popular musicians come to play at an adjacent hall. Numerous musicians have played at the place and posters around the place indicated that Tongai Moyo will be playing at Grand Hotel tonight. They were looking forward to the event with anticipation.

However that particular Friday night these merry makers, with their diverse music tastes, were brought together by the biggest event in the city, a show featuring Oliver Mtukudzi and Sulumani Chimbetu at Rimuka Stadium.

After their dances and drinks in the numerous drinking holes, most of them made great trek to the stadium where they were treated to a beautiful show that ended on Saturday morning.

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