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Mujuru death: VP suspects foul play


Vice-President Joice Mujuru yesterday said she suspected foul play in the tragic death of her husband, Retired Army General Solomon Mujuru, in an unexplained inferno at his Alamein Farm in Beatrice on Tuesday last week.

VP Mujuru — speaking out on the mysterious death of her husband for the first time — said she wanted the truth to be told on what caused his death.

Mujuru told the national women soccer team, Mighty Warriors, the death of her husband was unbelievable and raised a lot of questions.

She said she would never rest until she was furnished with details of what really transpired.
“It was closer (for him) to use the window than the door. So for a military man, it’s so weird that he could have failed to escape the fire.

“We don’t have to jump to conclusions. They (government) have invited all the expertise to look at what could have happened from the time when the fire broke out.

They should tell us what happened from 20:30 hours when he arrived home to when the fire was seen. This is where the story is. We have to just wait for experts to do their job, and it is only when they give us satisfactory answers surrounding his death will my heart rest,” said a distressed Mujuru.

The Vice-President raised several questions that she said should be answered for her to find peace.

“The set-up in our bedroom is that we have two big windows on his side and on my side that you can use to go out.

The windows are so low that if you want to go out in an emergency you don’t have to jump out, but to just lift up your leg. We used to joke with him every time we had our grandchild at the farm because he would use those windows to come into my bedroom, instead of the doors,” VP Mujuru said.

The Vice-President, however, thanked Zimbabweans for the support she received during the funeral and burial of her husband. Mujuru’s death united political foes and ordinary Zimbabweans who thronged the National Heroes’ Acre last Saturday to bury the country’s first black military commander in post-independent Zimbabwe.

“I have no words to describe how I have been supported by the nation. Not only Zanu PF has supported me, but I can say everybody — including the opposition parties — have come. I have been overwhelmed by the colours that came to mourn my husband. Sometime I begin to think that I was married to a person I don’t know.

To me he was a husband, but his death has shown me that he was a man of the people. He was admired not by his own people alone, but worldwide,” she said.

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