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‘Disney Land’ in Harare


Since the opening of the Harare Agricultural Show (HAS) 2011, a lot of children, especially those in primary school and below, have been flocking in their numbers to the showground especially for a recent innovation called the Harare Dhizini Land.

Brought to the show by Afri-10 tv, the Harare Dhizini Land is a smaller mobile imitation of the popular children’s theme park located in Carlifornia, US called Disney Land.

“Our main objective is to create awareness on issues concerning HIV and Aids, drug abuse and bringing utmost entertainment to the younger generation every school holiday,” said the project’s business and development manager David Huni.

Huni said the Harare Dhizini Land was the first-ever such entertainment for children in Zimbabwe and would officially be launched next month after the HAS.

It was clear for anyone in the show grounds that this year had with it a favourite of many children as they came to the Harare Dhizini Land arena in their numbers impatiently waiting for turns on the various exciting and new rides.

The various rides included state-of-the-art equipment like water balls which children could enter and float on top of water, zor balls, fashionable jumping castles, water slides, quad bikes and horse riding, amongs others.

“I’m sure this is the best show my kids have ever attended because of the Dhizini land, everyday they beg me to come back and honestly the rides are quite irresistible,” said Jane Chinyama, a parent who was enjoying with her three children.

Another parent said that he was happy with the new innovation because it was sad how today’s children in Zimbabwe were still riding machines from the 80s, but Dhizini land seemed to be moving with the times.

Huni said this was just but one of the many projects they were going to introduce to Zimbabweans including having internationally acclaimed sports stars to grace each opening.

“We are taking the Dhizini Land to various cities including Bulawayo, Mutare and Masvingo so that the fun and lessons can be a nationwide experience,” he said.

Huni said he was so overwhelmed by the responses from both parents and children and would continue to upgrade the entertainment in ways that would educate and keep the children away from mischief through entertainment.

After the show the Harare Dhizini Land will be based just outside the Exhibition Park.

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