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Lucretia: Fuller lips


Fuller lips have been the desire of women all over the world.

A full pout in a woman is often considered sensual and the look can be achieved with the help of lip gloss.

Lipsticks and lip liners colour define the lips, whereas lip gloss gives them a fresh, glistening look.

You can apply lip gloss on top of the lipstick or use a coloured gloss to achieve a more natural look.

Here are the buying and wearing gloss secrets of the world:

For a natural look, use a neutral lip liner and then fill in the lips with pink or peach lip gloss.

The lips will be shiny and attractive without distracting from other features.

l To plump up the lips, apply the lip liner followed by the lipstick and then use a brush to apply the lip gloss in the centre of the lower lip. Smack the lips together for an even application. If the shimmer is too much for the occasion, dust the lips with a little powder.

l Choose the lip gloss colour depending on your skin tone, often referred to as temperatures such as warm or cool. Golds and reds look better with light colouring, pinks and raspberries look good with dark skin and hair. You must, however, experiment with other colours too.

Ask when you are buying lip gloss or any other cosmetic, ask away all your doubts.

Pick the salesperson’s brains for latest brands, benefits and prices. Cheaper brands can be tacky and sticky, but some cheap names can outperform branded stuff.

Women with dark skin tone should use lip gloss, for it suits them better than a lipstick.

Black women usually have fuller or bigger lips, so accentuate your lips by using a nice lip gloss.

Choose a lip liner shade close to your lipstick or lip gloss colour and line your lips properly before you put on colour to your lips.

Then, fill in the colour by using a brush. If the colour is bleeding, blend it properly with the lip liner.

l Check the colour of the gloss against your skin just as you would check a lipstick shade.

l Lip glosses come in convenient pots and tubes; choose the product that suits you. Using a brush to apply lip gloss is the best method since it gives the most even spread.

l Lip gloss can be water resistant, ask for the variety you desire.

Sometimes lip gloss can cause lips to peel and get clumpy. Most common causes of the condition are that the lip gloss may have expired.

The formula of glosses made of petroleum jelly and pigment separates over time, making the jelly incapable of holding moisture in your lips.

Throw out your lip gloss after three to four months.
Until next week, stay fabulous!


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