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Mujuru faction regroups


The Zanu PF faction, led by the late retired army commander General Solomon Mujuru, said yesterday they will regroup immediately after his burial to restrategise.

In separate interviews at Mujuru’s Chisipite home, members of his faction said they had been robbed of a pillar and an anchor.

Mujuru died in a fire early on Tuesday at his Alamein Farm in Beatrice, south of Harare. He was burnt beyond recognition and what remained of his body was put in a plastic bag and taken to 1 Commando barracks.

They said they were planning to meet soon after the burial, which is set for Saturday, to pave the way forward.

“We want to bury General Mujuru first and then meet as a group soon after his burial to restrategise and decide how we move forward after this tragic death,” said one key member of the faction, who was very close to Mujuru.

“We will fight our wars after he is buried. There are too many questions that need to be answered. We will deal with that after the funeral. At the moment we just want to mourn him and lay him to rest,” said a member.

Another member of the faction pointed out that it was going to be difficult for their camp to find someone tough and strong enough to replace Mujuru.

“This is very difficult for us and we have been dealt a heavy blow. It is going to be very difficult for us to replace him. There is no one in our camp tough enough and courageous enough to fit into his shoes,” he said.

“We admit that we will not be able to replace him, but we will regroup and restrategise the best way forward and make sure that we remain strong as a faction.”

Mujuru’s faction was robbed of a pillar, rallying figure and key strategist in the succession battle.
Mujuru, who headed the military for more than a decade after independence, was behind his wife’s (Joice) ascendency to the Vice-Presidency.
Vice-President Mujuru had counted on her husband’s support to help her rise to the helm of the party after President Robert Mugabe leaves office.

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