Politicians speak on General Mujuru death

Philip Chiyangwa – Former Mashonaland West Chairman
Retired Army General Solomon Mujuru was a hilarious son of Zimbabwe who pursued the liberation struggle with the sole desire to free the people of this country from bondage. He is a figure that would never be forgotten because of his unwavering stance to achieve total independence for Zimbabwe. This loss is immeasurable. I personally met him at my late brother Jimmy Jimalo’s funeral when he came to pass condolences to my family for our loss and Mujuru was so full of humility. Mujuru was a towering figure. He was very approachable, was an unassuming character and a true leader. We will never forget him. I pass my sincere condolences to the Vice President Joice Mujuru and the rest of the family.

Saviour Kasukuwere – Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment minister
Zimbabwe has really lost a real liberator. He was just General Mujuru, especially if you look at his humble beginnings. In a book written by a University of Zimbabwe academic, Retired Army General Solomon Mujuru is seen holding a gun, and this showed he was a man who carried our nation’s hope from day one when he went to the liberation struggle. He carried the struggles of the people with him, survived in the liberation war, and finally brought the nation to freedom.
One cannot underestimate his commitment and I must mention that it is a very dark day for me personally.
I am so affected because we were last together at the Harare Sports Club watching cricket and we were due to meet again tomorrow. I had the unique occasion of having lunch with him on Sunday and it is very painful for me to hear about his sudden death. He was just a fine, simply man – just General Mujuru the liberator – simply that.

Thokozile Mathuthu – Governor Matabeleland North
I am very shocked about this sudden occurrence because we never expected anything like this to happen. Retired Army General Solomon Mujuru is a man who brought this country independence. We are very aggrieved by the sudden death. I would like to express my deepest condolences to the Vice-President Joice Mujuru, the family and the President Robert Mugabe for this sudden death. May his dear soul rest in eternal peace.

Douglas Mwonzora – MDC-T spokesperson
The MDC-T has learnt with great sadness of the tragic passing on of Retired Army General Solomon Mujuru. There is clearly no doubt that the work of Mujuru, both before and after independence qualified him for a true national hero status. Before independence, General Mujuru worked hard to remove the oppression of Ian Smith and after independence he served his country well as a commander of the Zimbabwe National Army. During a stint as the commander he was very disciplined and always respectful of others and towards all political actors in this country.
Unlike the current pretenders, General Mujuru never usurped the functions of the civilian administration in running civilian affairs of this country. He never threatened any political party or person and always respected the freedom of the people of Zimbabwe to choose their leadership through the modicum of free and fair elections.
It is a tragedy that some of those who sought to succeed him did not appear to have basic appreciation of the role of the military commanders in a democratic role of the armed forces is not to suppress political freedom, but it is to safeguard democracy and democratic institutions in a country.
As a politician after his retirement, General Mujuru was clearly a voice of reason in Zanu PF and as such played a moderating role to some excesses in Zanu PF.
The MDC-T sends its condolences to Vice-President Joice Mujuru and the children left behind. We will always miss this true son of the soil.

Nhlanhla Bahlangene Dube – MDC National spokesperson
It is very shocking because it is a sudden death. This is a very sad loss of a man who diligently participated, not only in the liberation of Zimbabwe, but in the construction of the national army immediately after independence – a very difficult task which meant bringing in former enemies into one faction. Retired Army General Solomon Mujuru was a sober man with very sound judgment. He contributed to the maintenance of peace and growth in society and will certainly be missed.

Obert Gutu – Deputy minister of Justice and Legal Affairs
General Solomon Mujuru (actually known as) Rex Nhongo was a true and honest patriot and revolutionary. He belonged to that rare breed of nationalists and patriots who put their lives on the line to fight for self-determination by Africans in this country.
We mourn the untimely and tragic passing away of a liberation icon, a soldier amongst soldiers — a brave warrior. We salute General Mujuru and we can promise him that the struggle continues . . . Aluta continua.Victoria Acerta!

Edward Chindori Chininga – Guruve South MP
This is a great loss to the nation. Comrade Solomon Mujuru was a friend during good and bad weather in my life. He was someone you could talk to on national issues of concern without fear. Zimbabwe has lost a true revolutionary, a liberator who led Zimbabwe to independence. He transformed the Zimbabwe Defence Forces as chief of Defence Forces, a great leader, great farmer and great business man, a simple man who could fit anywhere and with anyone in the townships, on farms, rural areas, villages and in world capitals. He was a great leader and he played his part in the world and for his country, for his family. A great leader is gone. We join Vice-President Joice Mujuru and the whole Mujuru family in mourning the loss of a family man, a father, a friend and liberator. May god bless him.

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