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Ideal parents work together


“To leave the world a creature better than its parents is the purpose of right parenthood,” said Charlotte Gilman.

The mother is the child’s supreme parent, said Havelock Ellis. But without the father to balance the equation the family is in itself a threat to parenthood set up, hence parenthood requires both the father and the mother to be actively involved in rearing the offspring.

Ideal parents first plan together the kind of guidance, discipline and education they are going to give their children. Parents should not differ on how to bring up children; otherwise there will be serious divisions in the family.

Once there exist rifts in the family management, it actually means there will be no shared vision of purpose.

It also means the achievement of the required goals would be just but a dream. So, ideal parents should cooperate and work together for the good of their children.

God’s wisdom must be sought by all parents and all endeavours to rear their children must be mutual. Ideal parents should merge their energies and work towards the smooth-growth and development of their children. Real parents must not be harsh, but be gentle to their children.

They should not neglect their children, but should be on the ground working hard to provide the basic necessities of life.

Contrary to popular ideas, parents should create interesting pastimes that are rewarding to their children.

Modern parents have got so much on their minds and so much work to do, but they should not fail to monitor their children and their children’s friends.

We know that it has been said: “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are!”. This means friends have got a lot of influence on one’s life.

Ideal parents should set aside time to go outdoors with their children for learning and relaxation purposes. Going out with children provides the necessary opportunity for close dialogue between parents and children.

When a child is relaxed and having fun, he or she can pour out his or her mind about life experiences and aspirations. For parents, this is the right time to help their children with various problems they may be facing.

Real parents should play with their children and support them with their schoolwork. Ideal parents are best friends to their children.

When children are disciplined properly, they develop close friendship with their parents.
The best and ideal parents should know that to get anything of value out of their children, there have to be sacrifices.

Ideal parents should be loving, gentle, supportive and understanding to their children. This ensures parents become close friends with their children for the rest of their lives.

When qualities such as resoluteness and selflessness become embedded within parents, their children will appreciate, love and adore them always.

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