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Sanctions an honour to Zim — Wutawunashe


MASVINGO — Economic sanctions slapped on Zimbabwe by the West have been described as “an honour” to the nation as they demonstrate how important the Southern African country is on the global political platform.

Addressing thousands of Zion Christian Church worshippers at the church’s headquarters at Mbungo Shrine over the weekend, Family of God church leader Andrew Wutawunashe, a Zanu PF loyalist, said the sanctions had in fact emboldened President Robert Mugabe.

“Sanctions are an honour. If you are slapped with sanctions, it shows you are important. It is a way to try to suppress an important nation, which is an envy of the world,” he said.

His remarks came hard on the heels of an observation by the Earl of Sandwich, John Edward Hollister Montagu, who also questioned whether sanctions on Zimbabwe had had any real effect on President Mugabe “or whether in some perverse way they have actually boosted his morale”.

Speaking in the House of Lords recently, Montagu said:

“I wonder whether the sanctions, strengthened in February 2009 and relaxed since then, have really had any effect on (President) Mugabe. I am not suggesting that sanctions should be further relaxed, but I feel that we are stuck where we are.” Wutawunashe admitted Zanu PF may have its own shortcomings, but said it was better than other ruling parties in different countries.

“Yes, our leaders may have made their own mistakes. If our leaders are bad, then who has good leaders? Look at Britain . . . it is bombing almost every nation.

“If our leaders are bad, fine, but then other nations should leave us to solve our problems,” he said.
Some observers believe President Mugabe has used the sanctions as an excuse for his shortcomings and a platform for his campaign.

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